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How Rehab Centers Treat Coke Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a deadly disease but with proper treatment, rehabilitation from coke addiction is fully possible.  Rehab centers treat coke addiction through a series of steps that help the addict to heal physically and emotionally while building a strong support system that helps them to maintain lasting recovery.  Most rehab centers treat coke addiction through detox, counseling and aftercare.

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cocaine detoxCoke Rehabilitation Step 1:  Coke Detox

The first step in any treatment program is to effectively rid the body of the drug that has been used.  During coke rehabilitation, the very first step of treatment is to detox from cocaine.  While cocaine is physically addictive, the good news is that this drug is not so powerfully addictive physically as some other drugs such as heroin or prescription painkillers.  Detoxing from cocaine addiction can take anywhere from a few days to about a month, but for most addicts, the detoxification process is complete within about a week.

During coke detox, the patient may feel uncomfortable and even sick.   Fortunately, detoxing in a rehab center allows for some added luxuries that cannot be enjoyed at home such as the ability to get certain treatments for the discomforts that are felt during coke detox such as acupuncture for headaches, insomnia or upset stomach.  While not all rehabilitation centers include acupuncture or other holistic treatments, many do provide services such as massage or acupuncture to help ease the discomforts of detox.

counseling for cocaine addictionCoke Rehabilitation Step 2:  Counseling

Once the patient has safely and effectively rid themselves of the cocaine that is left behind in their system it is time to start a counseling program to help them effectively heal the psychological wounds caused by addiction to cocaine.  Counseling during coke rehab consists of three primary types of counseling which include individual counseling, group counseling and family counseling.

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Counseling is an effective part of coke rehabilitation and it’s actually one of the most important aspects of the entire treatment process.  During counseling, the patient can heal from all of the psychological trauma that has been caused by addiction as well as much of the trauma that occurred prior to addiction.  This is where the recovering addict really gets to the root of their addiction problem and starts to find ways to make the changes that will really matter in their overall treatment process.

During coke rehab, counseling is where the patient can talk about their psychological problems and get the help they need to ensure long term recovery from addiction to cocaine.  Through individual counseling, the recovering addict can talk about personal aspects of their addiction while during group counseling the addict is placed in a group setting where they can discuss their addiction and their recovery efforts with their peers who are sharing in similar situations of their own.  Finally, during family counseling, the recovering addict and their loved ones can get the help they need to heal and rebuild healthy family relationships with one another.

Coke Rehabilitation Step 3:  Aftercare

Every effective coke rehabilitation program is followed by an aftercare program that will assist the newly recovered addict in maintaining their lasting recovery from cocaine addiction.  Aftercare is a form of long term treatment that includes continued counseling, an open door policy that allows the addict to seek help and support again in the future and most of all a continued support system that will help the addict to stay sober.  Many aftercare programs also help the recovering coke addict to find solid work, school or even a place to live where they can continue to work toward their long term recovery goals.