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coke withdrawal

Cocaine withdrawal is a part of the recovery process.

Cocaine is not only an extremely dangerous drug; it’s also an extremely addictive drug that comes with may adverse side effects and withdrawal symptoms.  When coke is taken either via smoking crack, snorting cocaine or injecting the substance, the result is intense and euphoric feelings of pleasure followed by a burning desire to use more of the drug.  The physical withdrawal symptoms of cocaine are not as profound as the psychological withdrawal symptoms but this does not mean that cocaine withdrawal treatment is any less significant.

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Withdrawal symptoms of Coke Addiction

Various negative symptoms are associated with addiction to coke.  These symptoms are known as cocaine withdrawal symptoms and can have adverse effects on both the physical and psychological well-being of the individual who has abused the drug.  Cocaine withdrawal symptoms may become worse when an individual is a long time user of the drug, and for those who are very heavily addicted to the drug, the symptoms of withdrawal can last as long as 7-10 days or more.

In most cases, cocaine withdrawal symptoms diminish after a few days.  As time goes on, the withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine use will gradually diminish and ultimately, the recovering addict can finally begin to focus more heavily on their long term recovery efforts rather than simply focusing their energy on coping with the negative impact that the drug has had on their physical and emotional well-being.

 Coke Withdrawal Treatment

Treatment for cocaine withdrawal is a challenging process.  As with other drugs, it’s important to help the recovering addict to cope with the withdrawal, but it’s also important to prevent other drugs from being introduced and complicating the process.  Cocaine withdrawal treatment typically involves helping the patient to cope with symptoms of depression, fatigue, mental instability and even suicidal thoughts.  Because cocaine addiction actually changes the chemical makeup of the brain, much of the coke withdrawal treatment process relies heavily on helping the patient to heal psychologically from the addiction to cocaine.

In rare cases, coke withdrawal can lead to severe complications and may even result in death.  This is why it is vital that the individual addicted to the cocaine seek qualified treatment at a coke rehabilitation center to assist in their overall recovery efforts.  With the proper care and help, even the most severe withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine addiction can be fully overcome and the patient can heal.  While there may not be any drugs that actually work to eliminate the symptoms of cocaine addiction, with proper treatment and time, cocaine withdrawal soon becomes a part of the patient’s past.